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Diamonds, composed entirely of tightly arranged carbon molecules, are the hardest natural substances on Earth
"Science is important to the future...because science IS the future!"

-Maggie Palys
2011 National Challenge Participant

2014 National You Be The Chemist Challenge®

Congratulations to Audrey Gallier, a 6th-grader from Brookfield, IL, for becoming the 2014 National You Be The Chemist Challenge® Champion!

2014 National YBTC Challenge Top Four!
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Congratulations to:

First Runner-Up Amar Moturu, of Cypress, TX

Second Runner-Up Michael Allen of Toledo, OH

Third Runner-Up Varun Mosur of Purcellville, VA


They did it! On June 23, 2014 30 students from across the country represented their states and competed for the title of National You Be The Chemist Challenge® Champion under the bright lights of The Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. The 2014 National Challenge participants battled through 10 thrilling rounds of chemistry questions before a national champion was crowned. The top four placing students received academic scholarships totaling $15,000 and TI-84+ graphing calculators, while all participants walked away with prizes including engraved beakers, Thames & Kosmos CHEM3000 chemistry kits, gift certificates to the Discovery Channel Store, and more.

The competition brought together over 300 chemical industry representatives, family members, government representatives, and educators in a celebration of chemistry and science education. 

This year’s attendees enjoyed three days chock-full of special activities. On Sunday, June 22, participants, families, and educators attended Welcome Dinner in the Academy of Natural Sciences' Dinosaur Hall. In honor of the Challenge’s 10th anniversary, two past National Challenge Champions, Maggie Leake and Andrew Lingenfelter, attended the dinner and participated in a special Q&A session with attendees.

After the competition on Monday, over 300 chemical industry representatives, family members, and edcuators enjoyed a reception and Celebration Dinner & Award Ceremony at the National Constitution Center, where attendees donned birthday hats at the photo booth, made their hair stand on end with a Van de Graaf generator, and witnessed science in action during a chemistry show put on by The Franklin Institute (TFI). On Tuesday, participants, families, and educators got to explore the TFI museum during a Day of Science Discovery.

Pictures of the 2014 National Challenge will be posted to our Facebook page as we recieve them! You can view a sneak peek album here.

2014 National Challenge Participants

Congratulations to the following students who represented their state at the 2014 National Challenge!

Viviana A., Alabama Logan F., Arizona Michaela M., Arkansas Brendan G., California Eric G., Connecticut
Justin C., Delaware Jasper F., Washington, DC Mannie S., Florida Avery M., Georgia Audrey G., Illinois
Justin K., Indiana Elaina M., Iowa Felicity S., Kentucky Parvathy B., Louisiana Hunter K., Maryland
Gus W., Massachusetts Max P., Michigan Dermot C., New Jersey Rishi M., New York Nicholas M., North Carolina
Michael A., Ohio Garrett T., Oklahoma Grant C., Oregon Marc C., Pennsylvania James B., South Carolina
Amar M., Texas Dax B., Utah Varun M., Virginia Aum U., Washington Elijah S., Wisconsin

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Past National Challenge Champions

2013 Champion 2012    Champion    2011 Champion 2010 Champion      2009 Champion   2008 Champion   2007 Champion  2006 Champion  2005 Champion 
E. Kemp B. Mehta  A.Lingenfelter    A.Gunawan 

D. Hulgan

C. Pillay B. Bi K. Luo M. Leake
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